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Case Results

The law firm of Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C., has achieved notable outcomes for clients across all of our areas of practice. Below are some representative settlements and verdicts obtained by our accomplished attorneys in recent years

Injuries, Accidents, Fires And Toxic Exposures

  • Michael Bracamontes obtains $330,000 settlement for tenants exposed to uninhabitable conditions and contaminated water supply, 2014.
  • The Recorder will be producing the Top California Verdicts of 2013 on January 27, 2014, for Robinson v. Liu.
  • Ryan Vlasak secures $1,275,000 settlement in lead poisoning case for Oakland tenants, March 2013.
  • Ryan Vlasak and Kristen Ross obtain $270,000 for San Francisco woman exposed to excessive VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in home, August 2013.
  • Ryan Vlasak obtains $450,000 negotiated settlement in Oakland sexual assault/third party negligent security case, July 2013.
  • Ryan Vlasak secures $650,000 in property damage claim for San Francisco fire victims in the Tenderloin, July 2013.
  • Ryan Vlasak with Dan Sharp secures quarter-million-dollar settlement for Oakland pedestrian injured in a crosswalk, 2011.

Landlord-Tenant Litigation

  • Michael Bracamontes and Kristen Ross secure a $336,000 judgment for Modesto tenants for unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, December 2013.
  • Michael Bracamontes obtains $387,000 for Sonoma County tenants in water pollution and habitability case, May 2013.
  • Bracamontes & Vlasak obtains a $195,000 mediated settlement for San Francisco tenants in a minor injury carbon monoxide case, April 2012.
  • Michael Bracamontes secures $213,000 for Hayward tenants for habitability defects and mold, March 2012.
  • Ryan Vlasak wins $140,000 settlement for Oakland tenants with property damage from mold, February 2012.
  • Ryan Vlasak earns six-figure settlement for San Francisco tenants infested with bed bugs, 2011.
  • Bracamontes & Vlasak secures $1,950,000 settlement in carbon monoxide personal injury and habitability case for San Francisco tenants, 2010.
  • Vlasak earns six-figure settlement for San Francisco SRO tenant in lockout case, 2010.
  • Ryan Vlasak and Kristen Ross complete three-week trial and win six-figure jury verdict for San Francisco tenant in suit against landlord for nuisance and breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, December 2010.

Employment And Labor Law

  • Michael Bracamontes obtains six-figure settlement for employee in sexual harassment case, 2017.
  • Michael Bracamontes obtains six-figure settlement for employee in religious discrimination case, 2016.
  • Ryan Vlasak and Michael Schreiber achieve $675,000.00 result for a California Registered Nurse in a lawsuit against a Bay Area hospital alleging sexual harassment against a departmental manager, Alameda County.
  • Michael Bracamontes obtains $275,000 settlement in federal wrongful termination case, February 2013.
  • Michael Bracamontes wins $150,000 settlement for Hispanic plaintiff in employment discrimination/harassment case against the City of San Francisco, August 2013.

Consumer Protection

  • Michael Bracamontes obtains $295,000 jury verdict in San Francisco owner move-in eviction case where tenant was wrongfully evicted, 2014.
  • Kristen Ross wins $180,000 judgment in fraud and breach of contract case against car dealership, March 2013.
  • Kristen Ross obtains $270,000 judgment in consumer fraud case, January 2013.
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