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The Ghost Ship Warehouse Tragedy: Who’s at Fault?

The Ghost Ship warehouse tragedy has captured the attention of the nation as new facts come to light every day. Most recently, it was revealed that the City failed to inspect the interior of the property for over 30 years. The City of Oakland has a robust Building and Housing Code and has a number of inspectors that do site inspections around the City every day. While it is hard to believe that a building the size of the Ghost Ship warehouse escaped inspection for so long, it begs the questions, “Was the City negligent? Is the City liable for any of the injuries?”

BV Law has been retained on the Ghost Ship fire and is working to recover damages on behalf of the last victim to make it out alive.

Given the egregious housing and building code violations already apparent, it is clear that liability abounds and it will be a matter of naming all potential defendants in moving forward with any case. That is where experience and creativity will be important in a case of this magnitude.

Our law firm has successfully handled a number of high profile multi-tenant fire cases. Part of our success derives from the fact that we routinely handle complex personal injury and wrongful death cases, as well as landlord-tenant cases.

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