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Bike crash: Hit-and-run driver causes critical injuries to teen

The 14-year-old daughter of a family who is on vacation in California is fighting for her life in a trauma center in Newport Beach. She suffered critical injuries in a bike crash that occurred on a recent Tuesday evening. Police reported that this was a hit-and-run accident, and the driver was still at large at the time of the media report.

A witness described the make and color of the car that struck the girl to the police. She also claimed that she and her sister witnessed the accident and reported that the girl and her friends were eastbound on their bicycles. A westbound car apparently struck the girl and sent her flying over the car. The witness said she called 911 while her sister ran to the nearby fire station for help.

The witnesses reported that the driver continued driving despite the deployed airbags and the pleas of witnesses to stop. A driver who was passing the scene reportedly tried to follow the hit-and-run driver but lost him. The trauma center reported that although the girl is still in a critical condition, some progress is evident.

A hit-and-run accident typically leaves the victim and loved ones with many unanswered questions and anxious for the perpetrator to be apprehended. This family may find comfort in learning that the California police typically locate hit-and-run drivers in time. When they do, financial relief for medical expenses and other documented losses related to the bike crash may be pursued by filing a personal injury claim in a California civil court.

Source: ABC Los Angeles, “Girl on bicycle struck by hit-and-run driver in Newport Beach“, Adrienne Bankert, Aug. 12, 2015